What to do when sun leaves unwanted mark on your face?

Summers are unpredictable, sun rays are stronger along with UV index that leaves marks on our skin. According to some researches most of us does not choose correct sun block to protect our skin nor do we use it in necessary amount. If we are exposed to sun, in any way, sun block must be reapplied every 2 hours. During swimming or excessive sweeting even more often.

It is not surprising that most common occurrence after summer is hyperpigmentation.

What is hyperpigmentation?
Hyperpigmentation is occurrence when certain skin parts become darker. Usually it is a harmless problem caused by excessive amount of pigments or melanin on skin surface meaning that inner or outer factors are causing increased production of melanin that result by skin colour change. That change is happening on those body parts that have been exposed to sun. It is said that darker parts of skin are result of skin damage caused by sun light. Melanin is, among others, ‘in charge’ for colour of our skin, eyes and hair. Excessive production of melanin can be caused by many factors but most of them are connected to sun exposure, genetics and influence of hormones as well inflammations and other skin damages.

Interesting fact is that to hyperpigmentation are more prone those with more melanin meaning people who tan easily, as oppose to those with lighter skin tone.

Hyperpigmentation or small and dark spots also known as ‘sun spots’ usually appear on face, hands and upper back. Although majority cosmetics available on the market contains SPF factor it does not provide adequate protection during summer months.


Flawless complexion after summer
Skin of our face is the most exposed part of our body as it is never covered hence exposed to all weather conditions and changes.

As we all love flawless and even complexion we would want to get rid of all those skin changes gained during summer months. Skin care is extremely important as there is a saying that skin gives us back exactly the same amount of effort we put into it. Hyperpigmentation is not a health hazard and is more cosmetic/dermatological problem that can be solve by treatment based on glycolic, lactic and salicylic acid that shall remove skin surface in which hyperpigmentation is. It shall also stimulate subdermal tissue thus inducing skin to rejuvenate.

Besides cosmetic problem hyperpigmentation is also aesthetic problem as it is difficult to even our complexion with just make up. Once we have hyperpigmentation it is necessary to treat it as it will not just vanish but will spread over years and become even more ‘uncomfortable’.

Sun exposure can cause hyperpigmentation but it can also influence skin aging. Therefore, here in Bliss we have put together a program that takes care of both those side effects. Bliss clear facial program removes hyperpigmentation in combination with 40% vitamin C that has anti-aging effect and smooths fine lines while face is hydrated and shiny.

Bliss clear facial program consist of 12 treatments after which 70% of those unwanted marks are even with your skin complexion. Depending on level and hyperpigmentation strength this program of combined treatments results in removal of those aesthetically unwanted spots in range from 70% to 100%.