Vytal Microlifting Concept – intensive mesotherapy treatment

The amiea vytal Microlifting treatment is a gentle, non-invasive cosmetic method that serves to temporarily open the epidermal barrier. Therefore the implantation of cosmetic products into the skin is optimized and the active ingredients can unfold their effect. Additionally the perforation of the epidermis leads to an induction of the cell activity in the upper dermis and the blood circulation of the skin gets visibly better. In combination with special and highly effective substances cell’s and skin’s own functions are activated and cell growth factors are unleashed.

It is often referred to as an alternative to aesthetic surgery, since the procedure is based on the injection of active substances such as hyaluronic acid, Q10, collagen, antioxidants and natural extracts in the middle layer of the skin, where metabolic processes of skin cells occur.

The aquapheresis gel enables the penetration of active substances directly into the tissue and delivers the optimum effect in the shortest time possible.

Once mesoderm has received a large amount of active substances, blood circulation improves, as well as the production of fibroblasts (cells that synthesize the extracellular matrix and the collagen).


The amiea vytal Microlifting treatment is composed of 3 steps:

Step 1
GlycoPeel 10% is used to remove the uppermost horny skin and thereby achieve improved penetration with active substances. GlycoPeel 10% is a glycolic acid, which functions quickly and rapidly. GlycoStop neutralizes the skin after application of GlycoPeel 10% and regulates the pH-value of the skin to a regular level. The product also contains high doses of Panthenol to quickly soothe the skin.

Step 2
embeds a high dosage Hyaluron 4-fold Complex and moisturizes and reduces epidermal water loss. A special Anti-Ageing Code ‒ using amongst others Vitamin B5 and Vitamin C ‒ protects the skin from deficiency symptoms, increases skin elasticity, promotes cellular respiration and stimulates collagen synthesis. The skin appears fresh and radiant.

ReFine has the same effect like ReFresh, but has the additional active ingredients Diosgenin and Vegeseryl. These ingredients help in retaining moisture and promoting skin balance. Provides a more youthful and fresh appearance.

RePair has the same effect like ReFresh plus the following active ingredients: Matrixyl® provides improved firmness in the upper skin layer. Vegeseryl maintains elasticity of the skin. Argireline® and Syn®ake reduce mimic lines. Carnosin protects the cell from aging. This leads to an improved skin radiance. Therefore RePair is the perfect Anti-Aging-substance.

Step 3
is the last step of the whole treatment. An unique Anti-UV-Code protects the skin from light inducted skin aging and additionally contains other collagen boosters to revitalize and regenerate the skin: Ursolic Acid has a stimulating plus balancing effect on the skin. Matrixyl® strengthens tissues by improving collagen I and III structures. Resveratrol protects and strengthens the enzymatically protection of the skin.

By getting a amiea vytal Microlifting treatment on a regular basis, the skin begins to regenerate itself and results are visible soon. Overall this treatment concept is highly effective and has sensational results!

Treatment is not performed during pregnancy, while nursing, on people suffering from autoimmune diseases, active herpes or other viral skin diseases (strong inflammatory process included).

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