Treatments that shall make you shine in New Year’s night

Izgledajte poput dive ove zime.


There is no woman that does not want to shine in New Year’s Eve, to be unexpectedly seductive and glamorous and impress everyone with perfect look? We have to honestly admit: we have never heard of such miraculous species. Nevertheless, if we leave it to chance it will be difficult expectation to enter New Year fresh, rested and with perfect complexion.

Classic problems such as ingrown hairs just before the night when we have decided to wear mini skirt, acnes and tired grey complexion are just some of the problems that can prevent us to shine in the longest night of the year. Luckily, there are still 10 days left and it is enough time to shine if you decide to follow advice from Jasminka Herceg, owner of studio Bliss, in the very heart of Zagreb. Here are some treatments that this most famous Croatian beauty expert is advising.


One of the most famous ‘blitz’ treatments that originates from Hollywood and it is loved by many movie stars. You need to set aside only 45 minutes for it. It is also very pleasant and skin loves it. This treatment uses 40% vitamin C that shall in an instant even your complexion and illuminate skin, reduce redness and smooth fine wrinkles whilst bringing elasticity back to the skin. Big advantage of this treatment is that you cannot be too young or too old as such antioxidant infusion is recommended to everyone. Treatment will have prolonged effect for few days and if you want to implement it in your monthly beauty routine, you can count on being carefree for a long time as this treatment will take care that you complexion becomes and stays even, healthy and fresh!

This multiple awarded patent from dr. Murad’s laboratory is made from mixture of glycolic, lactic and salicylic acid that, in the shortest time possible, thoroughly rejuvenates your skin and strengthen its cells meaning that skin will be able to keep all nutritious ingredients given to it. For short term effect this treatment is suggested to those with mixed and problematic skin as well those who experience outbreak of oily film on the skin surface. This treatment shall regulate collection of sebum and shall hydrate your skin meaning that you will be able to wear your make up all day long without the need to remove shine from your complexion every hour. Another benefit of this treatment is in fact that it is applicable on the body too. Therefore, if you have problem with small spots on your cleavage or back, and those are the areas you want to expose, this treatment if for you.

This method is suitable for every skin type over the age of 25. Depending on age, we choose one of 3 cocktails that contains over 20 active ingredients that we apply by 18 needle module into the mesoderm, middle skin layer in which cell division is performed. Totally deserved, mesotherapy has become one of the most wanted 5 treatments. Besides top quality anti-age effect, after this treatment you shall look fresh and your facial contour will be perfectly highlighted and balanced. If you have tonus problem or neck wrinkles, you shall be glad to hear that this method can be performed on neck and cleavage. That gives mesotherapy great advantage in comparison to fillers and botox. It is recommended to perform this treatment 24 hours before the main event not because of irritations (redness can last only one hour after the treatment) but because the most visible effect appears 24 hours after the treatment.


If you have thought that waxing cannot be luxurious and that you have to plan it few days in advance, you are wrong! There is no more fear of skin irritation, ingrown hairs or broken ones. While regular wax was able to break up to 15% of hairs (depending on strength of individual hairs), Adam & Eve wax removes all barriers and has become the most desirable wax for both sex. If you have sensitive skin or strong hairs, you do not need to plan waxing – you can show up 5 minutes before the moist important event of your life. Natural ingredients such as Australian bee wax, almond, coconut and peach kernel oil ensures that this wax only sticks to the hairs, not the skin. Those are the reasons why it is pleasant on the skin and almost pain free. It has even overshadowed by sugar paste.

If you plan to spend more than 4 hours in heels and want to avoid swollen and painful legs, manual lymph drainage shall take care of it. Lymph liquid is responsible for toxin extraction accumulated during the day. But as it does not circulate like blood, and if you stay or sit for a long period of time, you shall disturb its flow. As a result you can experience painful and swollen legs and cellulite. Manual lymph drainage is unavoidable in a removal process of such problem. Although this method shall remove pain and excess of fluid in your body, try to have it before unpleasant symptoms occur and you shall simply be amazed.

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