Supreme Wrinkle Solution

Anti-age treatment for all skin types over 30 years of age. In this life period we find our first wrinkles and more clearly experience changes that our skin goes through. Synthesis of collagen and elastin is visibly reduced while skin recovery, that has endured stress, lasts longer than we are used to. During your first anti age treatment it is necessary to regain freshness and glow as well to motivate skin to ‘work’ independently on its own immunity. This treatment shall reactivate all cells on outer and inner, deeper skin layers. Ingredients such as milfoil and lipopeptides shall activate micro circulation, even skin tone, smooth pores and wrinkles and calm outer epidermal layer that often suffers from irritations and damages. Also, this line is enriched with unavoidable antioxidants as well gentile exfoliation substances ensuring to remove dead skin cells from the surface leaving your skin fresh. Hyaluronic acid shall revive your skin at the same time.


Treatment is available in combination with revolutionary Carita Cinetic device where we use up to 4 applications such as ultrasonic facial cleansing by Skin Refiner, wrinkle correction by Precisions Pens, galvanic electricity massage as well as Metallic Gloves and L.E.D. light for maximum serum absorption and wonderful healthy skin glow.

MYTHIC kind of treatment last 60 minutes while CINETIC last 105 minutes.

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