The world’s first nail polish that lasts much longer than standard polish, doesn’t chip and doesn’t need any solvents or nail polish remover to remove it. Simply peel Striplac off when you feel like a change of colour! Yet Striplac is still anail polish and not a film! And: once you peel it off, the naked nail underneath is healthy and undamaged.

Striplac may only be applied to ntreated natural nails. When it’s time for a colour change or when the colour has grown out too far and starts to dissolve from the edges, simply peel Striplac off from the edges. Striplac has excellent adhesion when colour is changed regularly or on dry nails. The Peel-off Activator should be used to make the peel-off process even easier: Apply Activator with the brush around the edges of the polish and leave to work for 3 – 5 minutes. Then peel Striplac off from the natural nail using the cuticle pusher.