Spa Etiquette

⚠In order to get the best results, we suggest a stay of two hours. Avoid eating for two hours before the          sauna, as an exception you can consume those foods helping the organism to detoxicate.
⚠Leave all of your clothes and personal belongings in the wardrobe before entering the Spa zone. Take        only a towel and a mantle. Jewelry, watches and mobile devices also aren’t allowed in the Spa zone.
⚠Before the first sauna treatment shower and wash your face thoroughly! It is not recommended to              shower with shampoos and soaps after the sauna.
⚠If your feet are cold before you enter the sauna, shower them in a warm water.
⚠Please dry yourself with towel before entering the sauna.
⚠When using Finnish sauna spread your towel on the place you will be sitting on (also under your                feet!).).
⚠Your first visit to the sauna should not last longer than 10 to 12 minutes. If it is possible, lay down for        first 10 minutes, then sit up, in order to establish a normal blood pressure.
⚠After leaving the sauna, first shower with warm water (to rinse of the greasiness) and afterwards with        cold water.
⚠After you have left the sauna and took the shower, rest for 15 minutes. You can lay down on deck                chairs or go to the jacuzzi.
⚠Wearing a swimming suit in the jacuzzi is mandatory.
⚠Repeat the procedure for 3 times.
⚠The more liquids you intake during the treatment, the better.
⚠Before leaving the Spa zone, make sure your body temperature is at the level where you don’t sweat            anymore.