Royal Pedicure


Our feet are one of the most burdened part of our body as they carry our whole weight. In comparison to other parts of our body, feet suffer the highest pressure. Therefore, our feet need extra attention and relaxation every chance possible.

Ancient Egypt and China knew that nerves of major organs in our body end at the sole of our feet such as hart, stomach, thyroid gland, lungs, liver, sinuses, eyes as well as small and large intestine. By walking, we place our weight differently meaning that we burden our feet on various ways thus making pressure on mentioned zones at the sole of our feet. Very often we allow ourselves uncomfortable footwear that can also have negative effect on the condition of our feet and thus the whole body.

Why Royal pedicure?
Royal pedicure deservingly carries its title as it truly offers rich, royal foot care. After very refreshing scented bath that shall soften skin on your feet and prepare them for further treatment follows aesthetic processing of your feet and nails. These treatments than includes paraffin soak.

Paraffin soak is extremely beneficiary to the skin and has very calming therapeutic effect. It is used for muscles relaxation as well for muscle pain removal. Paraffin enhances microcirculation of skin and it has hydrating impact by dragging out humidity from the lower parts of your skin to the surface forming so called occlusive mask (without presence of air and humidity) that creates ideal environment for better infiltration of used product resulting in optimally hydrated skin.


Bacteria and fungus cannot ‘live’ in paraffin without presence of oxygen, water or some other food source. Fungus cannot use paraffin as food source and paraffin structure is too heavy for survival of bacteria. Paraffin does not contain water or oxygen thus relaxing muscles and muscular pain.

In royal pedicure treatment we use disposable alessandro paraffin sock as it is the only manufacturer that offers paraffin in such form ensuring the highest level of hygiene.

This royal treatment, worthy of queens, ends with massage that has effect on all nerves in our feet connected with most organs in our body. Effect of relaxation and health of cared feet is thus prolonged and your step is light and dashing.

As in Bliss we always listen to needs and desires of our clients, it is possible to combine royal with other treatments for nail beautification by renowned allesandro products.