Permanent Makeup

Every face has a weak point, whether those are uneven eyebrows, unequally sized eyes or lips with a frayed contour. This is where micropigmentation offers a natural solution with absolutely stunning results. Eyebrows make the main frame of the face. Minor irregularities can create an inharmonious look, especially if the eyebrows don’t resemble in their form. With just a few correctly placed brush strokes, a micropigmentation can conjure up a natural, harmonic and symmetric look without changing person’s appearance! A well-defined upper lip-line is a fountain of youth! Just by adding pigments to the lip contour, we can take a few years off a person’s face. And a decent micropigmentation of the lower eyeline gives every expression a deep and unforgettable note.


Micropigmentation is long-lasting, but we wouldn’t call it a makeup. It is still up to every woman individually weather she will use the makeup or not. She can wear glamorous makeup at night and choose natural look for a daytime. Micropigmentation simply builds the foundation for looking perfect, but not unnatural. Micropigmentation does not obtrusively change the look of a person. It balances out unevenness and the asymmetry of the face.