Perfect Sculpting Trio of Gold

This famous treatment is reserved for upmost demanding skin as well as for those who are over 50 years of age. Valuable trio of gold ingredients are the essence of this treatment. Green micro seaweed, as first golden ingredient has calming and anti-inflammatory effect, protects skin and strengthens its immune system and therefore its alternative title is biological gold. Other ingredient known as bio vegetal gold is saffron rich in vitamin A and retinol that shall take care that skin does not have excess pigmentation and at the same time preventing new ones.

Third, mineral gold containing 24 carat gold shall smooth irregularities on skin and leave it with wonderful freshness. Alongside those three golds, treatment is rich in bio hyaluronic acid, brown seaweed, argan oil and encapsulated active ingredients thus making this treatment available for more sensitive skin prone to redness, as well as reactive skin.

Together with 4 manual massages and drainage techniques, we without fail use all application by revolutionary Cinetic device. It will take care of cell purity and reactivation with a little help from Skin Refiner peeling spatula, muscular tonus and skin using galvanic electricity with Metallic Gloves. It will fill up and correct wrinkles and it will define facial contours by Precision Pens and Perfect Contour Pens together with absorption of all active ingredients in to deep skin layers by ultrasonic and L.E.D. light therapy.

This treatment lasts 105 minutes.

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