Perfect Lashes – Eyelashes Extensions

Professional eyelash extensions that look and feel as natural lashes!

These extensions are:
✎Semi-permanent – last for several weeks, making perfect choice for special occasions and everyday look
✎Waterproof – aren’t affected by showering and swimming
✎Various in dimensions, length, thickness and color
Procedure takes from 45 up to 120 min.

Perfect Lashes look so natural that it is almost impossible to notice the extension installed. The eyelashes are curved, so forget about your artificial curling tools. They come in various sizes, thickness, length and color and blend perfectly with your natural lashes.

These are perfect for daily use and active lifestyle. You can shower, swim and sleep not having a single worry about the extensions, because they are waterproof and semi-permanent. You can enjoy having long, beautiful and thicker eyelashes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without any additional hassle, inconvenience or the need for mascara.
It is necessary to repeat the treatment every 4 to 7 weeks, depending on the life cycle of your natural eyelashes. As well as your nails and hair, your eyelashes also grow through continuous replenishment.

During the life cycle of an eyelash, which lasts for 90 days, factors such as lifestyle and general characteristics of the eyelashes themselves can affect the durability of the extensions.



What are the extensions made of?
Perfect Lashes are synthetic and made of polyester fibers.

Are Perfect Lashes safe?
Extensions are absolutely safe if the procedure is performed by the specialized professional. Eyes have to be shut and protected during the whole procedure.

Can I wear mascara?
Mascara, makeup removers and some cleansers can loosen the adhesive bond of the extensions. If you really want to wear mascara, we strongly recommend the use of Perfect Lashes mascara, specially formulated for use with extensions, as well as appropriate removers.

Can I get eyelash extensions if my eyelashes are bright, colored or curled?
Yes. Any sort of eyelashes can be treated and the extensions can be installed, the one and only and most important condition is that lashes have to be completely clean and dry. Eyelashes must not be dyed or curled after the installation of the extensions.

How do I care for my Perfect Lashes?
These extensions require minimal care effort. It is necessary to avoid oils, lotions, oil based makeup removers and waterproof mascara. Natural skin oils, rubbing, scratching and pulling will shorten the life cycle of your extensions.