Papaya Purity

Combined and problematic skin requires professional approach and strong ingredients that shall regulate sebaceous glands but also take care that skin is not dried out meaning that products must ensure adequate hydration. All products used in this treatment have almost unbelievable gentle texture that is strong enough to clear pores and regulates excess sebum without irritation or draining. Poudré serum is one of the bestselling serum in the world because it’s ideal measure of hydrating and matte ingredients. LENTIL seed extract is one of dermatological concentrate that shall narrow pores and regulate sebum, while oligosaccharides shall balance flora in skin cells thus protecting from draining. Papaya and grapefruit shall act antibacterial and correcting.

This serum is extremely valuable hence used in all Carita Cinetic facial treatments together with Skin Refiner or ultrasonic facial cleansing.
This treatment also you can experience in combination with revolutionary Carita Cinetic device where we use 3 applications such as ultrasonic facial cleansing Skin Refiner, galvanic electricity massage and Metallic Gloves as well as L.E.D. light for maximal absorption of serum for wonderful healthy skin glow.
MYTHIC kind of treatment lasts 60 minutes while CINETIC lasts 90 minutes.

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