Nutri Divine

Facial skin is one of the most important parts of our body because it is continuously exposed to outer effect as well as inner. When skin is dry, and if it is not taken care of at that early stage, it can very soon become very dry. Features of a very dry skin are tightness, flakiness, cracking and itchiness. In reference to all mentioned features skin starts to show fine lines that contribute to possible premature skin aging together with the exposure to sun, wind and other unavoidable weather conditions. But not to worry, there are treatments for such dry skin that can help you to regain important hydration and assist your own facial skin to hold the hydration as deep as possible.


A creamy moisturiser to help nourish and repair dry skin types, containing exceptional active ingredients to formulate rich moisturiser which helps nourish and protect dry skin. The plant ingredients include Baobab Jelly, Chestnut Extract and Cotton Lipids to provide intense nutrition and supply the skin with reparative lipids.

It focuses on five key properties to repair dry skin:

  • Nourish and promotes lipid production.
  • Maintains the moisture balance.
  • Brightens the complexion and promotes cell renewal.
  • Nourished and protected skin by 93%.
  • More comfortable skin by 91%.
  • Peony, Rose and Lily, combined with Freesia, Vetiver and Vanilla envelope the skin with a softly comforting fragrance.

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