Medicinal pedicure

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Foot care dates back from ancient reign of Pharaoh as well from ancient Rome. During Austrian Hungarian Empire, pedicure has developed as a profession. Hospitals have developed special departments where they have simultaneously conducted education. Pedicure has its roots in French word „pedicure“ meaning foot care.

Why is pedicure good?
Human foot has 28 bones, connected with ligaments and joints. Lower leg muscles are in charge of the foot movement that starts with leaning on our heel, than outer part is touching the ground followed by frontal foot part. Our big toe is discarding the foot forward thus ending one step. On a daily basis we make around 5 to 20 thousands steps. It is important to take care of our feet so they can perform its duties.

With what can medical pedicure help?

  • Thickened and/or cracked skin
  • Blisters and blistering
  • Ingrown nails and corns
  • Deformed ingrown nail
  • Diabetic foot

Pedicure helps us to have a right posture so our walking and standing is more pleasant. After aroma bath the therapist proceeds working with feet, removing thickened skin from our heels and disposes skin around nails.

Feet are additionally softened with peeling whilst treatment ends with foot massage that has calming and relaxing effect.

We take ‘one step further’ in Bliss and combine different pedicures with other services such as nail gelation, top gloss gel or alessandro Lac Sensation. Alessandro gels and nail polishes do not have any acid and thanks to perfect consistency, gels are simply and easily modelled on our nail. Their attributes are softness, flexibility and constancy. There are many different kinds of gels for every nail type as well as gels that are easy to work with on problematic nails.