Maybe’s new start beauty blogger at mini makeover

I simply love those short moments when I can get away….sometimes they are really short. Like days when for myself I can ‘steal’ only few seconds. Sometimes all it takes is a glance at a sunny sky, blossom trees and his adorable smile to fill my batteries. Other times I need a bit more time to regenerate myself and prepare for a new day!

I adore Bliss from the first day I entered. Today when we all lead busy life, I do not want places where I need to get to know them. There are enough choices for me to afford that bit of a luxury. I remember when I was walking up the stairs towards second floor of a recessed house corridor in Ilica 15 with anticipation what to expect. A bit impatient in anticipation if that is going to be another salon where I do not belong? Although it is luxurious by its decoration, services and staff attitude, Bliss is not yet another posh salon that I even hate to go into. On the contrary, each time they manage to get me excited all over again with genius atmosphere and escape from reality located in the very city centre. The only flaw is shock that I experience every time I go out and get back to the streets as I have relaxed too much.


Now I have moved deep into telling a story but I want to faithfully conjure up what does Bliss mean to me. Bliss is people, not just a name or salon, and that is what makes Bliss different from others. That how it was on a day when Maja, Maša, Persa and I gathered with Jasminka Herceg, the owner of Bliss, in a way that girls usually do. Our get together was complemented manicure by beautiful alessandro nail polish from their CC collection. Although women are always complicated, the 4 of us have immediately chosen colour. If you need a nail polish that at the same time gives you colours and strengthen the nail that is also easy to apply, pop into Bliss and choose your favourite. My shade is Latte Macchiato and if you are looking for a shade that you can evenly apply than try this one.


In Bliss you can also find MUD make up that I personally adore. MUD is a professional make up and if you are looking for a quality that you should come by. Affordable in price but excellent in quality. Eyebrow gel can be mixed with any eyeshadow meaning that each day you can have different colour mascara! And yes, in many things they are as good or even better than MAC and in price they are a bit cheaper. I definitely have to go back to get gel as it is multifunctional and it will tame my eyebrows!


Besides nail polish Jasminka has surprised us with coloured contact lenses. I always wanted to have blue eyes (and curly hair but of course that all I have is opposite) so Jasminka made a half of my wish. My beloved has experience with contact lenses so he has thought me how to put them on. I have expected that it will take me at least one hour. As soon as I moved my finger towards the eyes I have started to blink and blink….there were tears and slightly blurred vision at the beginning. But once they set in everything fell into place! Change of eye colour is the fastest make up you can give to yourself. Lenses will last 3 months if you were them every day, but as I wear mine in special occasions, they will last longer. Price of the contact lenses is 270 hrk. You will also need a lenses solution as well as a case to store them in! MesmerEyez lenses you can also find in Bliss. Eden Blue colour that I have totally changes eye colour and you can see how my brown eyes are absolutely blue. I am thrilled with this change. I can tell that lenses will be my favourite make up and summer fashion accessory.


Why is Bliss different? Because they do campaigns, because they are charming, because their place is clean, because they are professional and because there you feel at home.

Photo: Franjo Matković

I shall not especially emphasise to visit Bliss if you are looking for a beauty salon, you already got that! I hope that you have liked this slightly different post!