Look your best ever in the craziest night of the year

Check out Iva Mihalić’s preparation for the New Year’s Eve


December is the most dinamic month, out of the whole year, and cronic lack of time is forcing us to put ourselves at the end of our to do list. Between numerous rehersals and premieres, Iva was trying to find fastest, most efficient and the healthies treatment for its skin. How to get rid of fatigue and December’s stress from your face and in just one hour look as you just have woken up from a beauty sleep ready to shine at the best New Year’s Eve party in town?


I had no doubt about what treatment to choose. Amiea microlifting concept is apparatical mezotherapy but also one of the highest rankinga anti age tretments available on the market. It is important to know that mezotherapy a method by which active ingridients cocteil is directly applied into the mesoderm, middle skin layer that takes care of cell division. When this active ingridient coctels is inserted by 18th pin module into the mesoderm, our skin suddenly receives huge quantity of nutritious and active ingridients which then uses as its own resurs thus starting fast and active cell division or otherwise known as skin regeneration. Those resurses skin shall use following 28 days, the time of its revitalisation process. This is the reason why mentioned treatment is not performed more than once a month. Frequency of this treatment and selection of coctaile depends on your age and skin condition.


Iva has velvety skin that might seems as a good new, at a first glance but such kind of skin can often be senstive and reactive. Mezotherapy is suitable for all skin types and how safe this method is confirms the fact that it can be perfomed on most sensitive areas such as area around the eyes and on neck as those area are usualy avoided in pin treatments. Althought mesotherapy is pin or needle treatment, it is pain free and aplication is sensed as vibration. However, skin can experience redness due to stimmulated strong microcirculation although redness will desapeare after one hour. Once skin receives active ingridient coctaile it shall be stimmulated for activivity and production of its own resurses that makes this method the only active pin method available. It is very important that our skin does not become lazy but to be stimulated on independent production, as much as possible.

Result is visible strait after the treatment. Good news is that with just one treatment you shall have beautiful skin every new day as the results will be more and more visible by each passing day. As soos skin receives mentioned coctaile cell division shall start. After two days the number of new cells shall drasticly increase meaning that overall effect will be more distinct. All mimic wrinkles shall be filled and smoothed. Make up, that you can use streight after the treatment, shall ashere to you skin so much beter.


Foto: Jure Perišić