Lift Firming

It is the most famous Carita anti age ritual that proudly and absolutely deservingly carries attribute of non-surgical face lifting. It is ideal for 40+ skins when that skin encounters problems related to deficiency of muscle and skin tonus but also skin that needs lot of hydration that it does not receive from cells thus loosing elasticity and glow. That is why Lift Firming Progressif line of professional products is one of the most complexed on the world’s beauty market. It is rich in tocopherol E and F, green fennel extract as well as bio peptides and it ensures return of balance on outer and deeper skin layers.

Prestigeous manual techniques such as peeling drainage together with no less than 4 massages joined by revolutionary Cinetic device as perfect extension to therapist’s hands, make a perfect symbiosis whose results leave no one indifferent.

This treatment you can experience in manual form but also in combination with revolutionary Carita Cinetic devise where we use even 4 applications such as ultrasound facial cleansing by Skin Refiner, wrinkle correction by Precision Pens, galvanic electricity massage, Metallic Gloves as well as L.E.D. light for maximum serum absorption and wonderful healthy skin glow.

MYTHIC treatment lasts 60 minutes while CINETIC lasts 105 minutes.

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