Leave age behind you

Revolutionary method without surgical knife!

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Skin aging is not necessarily linked with your age these days. Besides genetics rhythm, quality and way of life is merely influencing the health of our skin and with that it’s appearance. Facial skin is mostly exposed to damaging effects of atmospheric impact and stress that drain us daily.

Today more than ever, we have to find time and motivation and put our skin health a top priority, when it comes to taking care of ourselves. Skin is aging and starting to look undesirable due to lack of hydration, weak synthesis of collagen and elastin, insufficient input of antioxidants that are necessary in everyday’s fight against free radicals. Besides, skin on our face records and remembers all mime and emotions that results in visible traces shaped like tiny little lines and character wrinkles. Unavoidable fact is that with age it spends its reserves of active ingredients, faster and faster, responsible for youthful and fresh look of our skin. What to do when our moisturizer and makeup are no longer sufficient to repair the ‘“damage“ and hide our age?


Do you know that there is equally efficient but almost pain free alternative to aesthetic surgery?

Here in Bliss we use excellent German machine that besides its quality ensures high level of protection by 18 needle one time modules that enter cocktail straight to the desired point.

Mesotherapy is fast, efficient and almost pain free way to totally rejuvenated skin. It is often called alternative aesthetic surgery with reason; this method is based on injection of active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, Q10, collagen, antioxidants and natural extracts in the middle skin layer caller mesoderm, in which metabolic processes of skin cells are placed. After mesoderm gets big quantity of active substances, tissue blood supply gets significantly better and cell division starts together with fast generation of fibroblasts; connective fibres merit for the creation of collagen meaning that your skin looks fresher and younger each day. Besides all those benefits, huge advantage of this method is ability to thoroughly treat area around eyes, neck and arms.


For this treatment you will only have to set aside one hour. Intensity of work itself will be determined by your type and skin condition. After thoroughly skin cleaning and peeling that will ensure absolute absorption, we start to introduce cocktail to mesoderm. We shall dedicate special attention to weaker parts of the skin and deep wrinkles that will significantly become smaller and smaller. Having in mind that mesotherapy is recommended as unavoidable antiaging treatment, it is best to start after you turn 25 years. Depending on your age and skin condition, we shall use this method for at least 6 months and upmost once in 28 days as that is duration of the skin revitalisation process. Apart from the strength that it provides against ageing and weakening of the skin, I use it very often together with other programs for face rejuvenation in which intensive hydration is needed as well as when skin metabolism process is slow and tenuous.

I would suggest therapy of 6 treatments, every 4 weeks and then one treatment every 3 months, depending on skin condition. Mesotherapy is definitely one of those treatments that will change your perception of skin care and regeneration. After you try this treatment, you will never settle for anything less.