Lagoon Hydration

Intensive treatment that uses kelp extract from valuable lagoon wellspring from French Polynesia because lagoon’s water is most similar to our plasma meaning that skin absorbs it with easiness and takes only the best from it. Momentarily rehydration, sense of easiness and comfort during product application, manual massage and drainage techniques are just few of goodies ensured by Carita INNERGY technology. Seaweed extract shall protect mitochondria and stimulate circulation as well as oxygen flow towards cells while sweet orange flavonoids are meant to block damaging effect of free radicals. You shall immerse in lagoon water with help of Bain des Laggons masque that contains encapsulated vitamins and minerals who are free in contact with our body’s temperature.


You can experience this treatment in combination with revolutionary Carita Cinetic device where we use 3 applications such as ultrasound cleansing called Skin Refiner, galvanic powered massage as well as Metalic Glove and L.E.D light for maximum absorption of serum for a beautiful healthier skin glow.

MYTHIC treatment variation lasts 60 minutes while CINETIC lasts 90 minutes.

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