Ideal treatment for your skin

Get to know the benefits of glycolic acid

Clean face and narrowed pores are synonym for healthy and beautiful skin. We all have the same goal. Using different treatments and cosmetic gadgets we try to use pain free and simple way in achieving clean and soft skin that is, at the same time, elastic and tight.

Mechanical facial cleansing is no one’s favourite cosmetic treatment because extrusion of blackheads and inflammatory processes are everything but fun. Treatment that I introduce to you today will help in reduction of facial cleansing, in salon or at home, to a minimum. We shall demonstrate the way how it is done.

Although used as chemical peel in cosmetics and dermatology, glycolic acid is actually most natural treatment. It is obtained from sugar cane and is part of alpha hydroxide acid group that has special strength in skin empowerment and rejuvenation. Although glycolic acid has the biggest part in skin rejuvenation, in this medical cosmetic treatment it comes in perfect symbiosis with milky and salicylic acid, both known by its beneficial and antiseptic effects. Treatment is pain free and extremely efficient in unclean skin, inflammatory processes and acnes, scares, big dehydrations, hyper pigmentation spots. It is also unavoidable part of antiaging treatment due to its ability to reach deeper skin layers. It removes dead cells and all other irregularities that we can see but also purifies pores, controls sebaceous glands and strangeness membrane of our cells allowing the skin to keep its active ingredients provided, instead of just going through them.



Result of this treatment is immediately visible meaning that with only one treatment you shall receive perfect flash effect, freshness, smooth and tight skin. By regular use you will allow yourself to get totally renewed and new skin. After we strength the cell, your skin shall be able to hold necessary hydration thus making pores cleaner and narrowed while mechanical facial cleansing will slowly fade into oblivion. It is no wonder that this popular and accessible treatment is a ‘must have’ every season.