Hydrotherapy is one of the oldest treatment that is often used today due to its excellent results. It is implemented in rehabilitation whose aim is to treat injuries and painful areas. It has overall positive effect on the whole body as it is exposed to wonderful water jets from every side. Hydrotherapy is done at the hydro massage bath popularly known as jacuzzi.

Besides, certain chemical substances from the water are absorbed in the skin ensuring therapeutic effect that benefits bones, muscles, cardiovascular and respiratory system.

Implementation of water in therapeutic purposes is done with painful conditions that are going through relaxation process due to easier movement that body performs in water. Warm water can reduce muscle stiffness.

Hydrotherapy is successfully implemented in:

  • rheumatism conditions
  • sport injury rehabilitatio
  • various back difficulties
  • injuries and painful joints and muscles

Positive and beneficiary effects are:

  • reduced stress
  • lesser joint load by higher flexibility within water
  • increase of muscular strength and durability
  • improved balance
  • relaxation of cardiovascular and respiratory system
  • reduced pain and swelling caused by injuries
  • overall improvement of the whole physical and mental condition


Hydro massage bath or jacuzzi is based on therapeutic bath that has extremely relaxing effect by warm water and underwater showers built in jacuzzi that are realising streams of powerful water beneficiary to the whole organism.

Here at Bliss you can combine good with useful on all levels and relax in our spa zone where besides hydro massage you can have, at your disposal, finish and infrared sauna. It is a perfect remedy for tired body and mind that seeks time off after a hard working day.