How to simply and effectively bring back your face in shape?

Facial massage will not take too much of your time and improves circulation, has benefit effects on facial tone, smooths fine lines, relaxes body and spirit and it can help with headaches.

Facial massage is especially important for women over 25 years of age as skin elasticity begins to slowly weaken and subcutaneous tissue becomes more noticeable, massage can help to remove liquid excess from the tissue, tightens the skin and brings back elasticity while facial contours are more expressional. Facial massage is definitely an unavoidable part of every quality facial care that is complimented by other important techniques and facial care methods.

How to choose adequate facial massage?
There are many various massage methods depending on individual needs and skin type. Therefore in Bliss you can choose:

Face, neck and cleavage massage
Besides the basic massage that takes care about skin tone and drainage, by adding acupressure method this massage also takes care about muscular tone of the face. By its implementation it helps with natural facial beautification, skin is tight and firm, it relaxes eyes muscles, stops skin aging process and it can reduce sinuses pain and headaches. This method provides deep relaxation and stimulates metabolic skin processes. It is excellent in combination with facial cleaning as well with treatments that offer deep hydration and nourishment. Because is improves circulation immediately, skin is able to absorb quicker all nutrition ingredients allocated in a masque.

Simulative facial massage
Facial, neck and cleavage massage takes care about drainage, skin and muscular tone. This technique provides quick and long lasting results and it is absolutely different from every other massage that you have experienced so far. By strong and concrete movements this massage stimulates even 45 head, neck and cleavage muscles. It successfully reduces chin and lifts cheeks while facial contours after this massage are excellently defined. It provides amazing results even in combination with all anti-aging treatments and it is recommended as regular care in aging process prevention.


Manual facial lymphatic drainage
This is massage technique whose aim is to increase lymphatic flow that affects removal of damaging substances from the body. Lymphatic facial drainage calms down redness, skin is clean after excess sebum is removed as well as other impurities by mechanical facial cleaning. It is also beneficiary with reduction of skin swelling. As drainage movements are slow and light, this technique is loved by all. It is allowed to indulge in it even during inflammation processes unlike other massage techniques.

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