Hit anti-aging treatment in just one hour strengthens and rejuvenates skin on your body

Daria Lorenci and Jasminka Herceg reveal the secrets of youthful look


Spring has arrived, temperatures are higher and layers of clothing are lower. After winter’s hibernation, everyday’ stress and fast pace that leaves marks on our body and spirit ends in skin looking for revitalisation, care and protection so we could feel comfortable in our own skin exposing ourselves to occasional glances and the sun.

Famous Croatian actress Daria Lorenci has chosen to return glow and firmness to her skin by D-age treatment in well known Zagreb’s studio for facial and body care Bliss. D-Age product line is intended against various unfavourable results of biological aging, tissue relaxation, free radical action as well as other atmospheric pollutant. It also very well neutralises production of stretch marks and brings back elasticity into skin.


Mixture of active tamanu oil ingredients together with walnut and bitter orange oils stimulate collagen synthesise and protect skin from damaging influences from our environment. D-age treatment has double purpose – it rejuvenates and protects body from atmospheric influences by selected top quality products and therapist’s expertise. In just 60 minutes active ingredients restore skin’s firmness and tissue compatibility preventing creation of new stretch marks.


“With D-age treatment in Bliss I get everything I need – care, prevention and skin protection. My skin is visibly firmer and has a glow. More importantly it is protected from sun and wind. This treatment reacts extremely fast and it is efficient, providing my skin with all it needs. In just one hour you are more beautiful, younger and healthier“ emphasised very satisfied Daria Lorenci.

With help of efficient treatments, in Bliss we can go one step forward and welcome summer healthier and more beautiful than ever with varieties of anti-cellulite treatments that together with D-age treatment provide fast and visible results. Together with revitalisation and skin protection by specialised highly efficient treatments it is possible to get rid of most common hardened and unattractive “orange peel”. Body Strategist + Cellulite Remodeller anti-cellulite treatment minimalizes “orange peel” from the first application, adipose clusters are reduced, body is remodelled, skin toned and smooth and all that thanks to combined effects of plant and see based derivative joined by innovative technology. This strong one hour treatment is not recommended to those with sensitive capillaries, thyroid gland problems as well as pregnant women.


Although, there is a solution at Bliss for those with sensitive skin and tendency to capillaries – intensive cellulite treatment Body Strategist + Refiner. This treatment offers oxygenation and remineralisation working by establishing a true course of our digestion. It also has lypolitic effect in order to reduce edematous cellulite and change skin appearance opposite from “orange peel”. It is ideal for sensitive skin that is afterwards toned and compact, cellulite is visible reduced and body contour is redefined. Bliss offers numerous possibilities and it is up to you to choose the one that best suits your desires and needs.

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