Harmonie Calm

Our face is the most exposed and thereby most noticeable part of ourselves. Appearance and skin condition are visible reference of our overall health as well as our confidence. Facial skin plays important part in protection of outer effects as it is almost always in direct contact with the sun, UV rays and other weather influences. Main purpose of skin is to protect from those outer effects and regulates hydration level. Great number of process is placed in stratum corneum of the skin that consists of cells and lipids. Lipids provide permeability and stability they regulate liquids and maintain elasticity and firmness. In sensitive and dry skin natural protection function is damaged that causes loss of hydration and opens penetration possibility for various irritable substances and influences. Therefore sensitive facial skin has mild and fine textures and it is most prone to redness or irritation.


Harmonie Calm treatment is a highly comforting ritual designed to calm and soften delicate and irritated skin. Calm is restored to the skin through a concentration of gentle natural active ingredients and precise techniques. The feeling of discomfort and redness is gone as the skin’s protective barrier is strengthened. Substances such as native cotton cells, essential milk of rose, cotton and lily, extracts of white birch bark and cotton lipids help to boost the skin’s natural defenses.
Lacto Calm complex, a synergy of precious flower milks, combines with moisturizing and comforting plant active ingredients to gently soothe and hydrate your skin.

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