That is what we all have been waiting for during the week – arranged night out with our friends. The thought itself puts a smile on our face till we receive a text asking where to go. Why not organise your get together in our spa zone for you and 3 closest and dearest friends?


Hanging out in private Bliss spa zone, relaxing in jacuzzi, resting, taking care of your health in infrared or finish sauna with your own private shower is all you need for laughter and good time. Something that will surely indulge everyone’s taste and need. And since you are already with us why not choosing from one of our other offers – relaxing massage, scented face and body pilling, manicure or pedicure.


Your attendance in spa zoni is apsolutely private. All you need to do is to book your time in advance by calling us on 01/ 48 31 541. Try and you shall love it. We trust that Bliss spa zone become your new hang out place.