Fluide de Beaute 14

All first serums in the world have come out of the Carita’s laboratory as well as first dry oils. Once known as Fluide De Beaute – beauty fluids, while the number next to the name means the number of active ingredients represented in the product. One that is present on the market today and it is stronger than ever is the one and only – Fluide de Beaute 14. It was created in 1960 and many have tried to copy it and find the exact recipe. If they have succeeded please check for yourself. That is the reason why Carita represents treatment with the same name thus celebrating its existence for over 50 years.

Treatment includes back massage and facial care with Renovateur peeling and Fluide de Beaute 14 mask and moisturiser per skin type. In one hour of unique massage and drainage movements you shall be enchanted by its texture and subtle scent. It is based on vegetable oils, corn and hazelnut as they are in charge of skin nourishment. Soya and marigold are there to protect the skin while vitamin E and F shall provide energy. Essential oils of lemon and lemon grass are there to revitalise you. It is suitable for body, face and hair but also available for sale meaning that you can enjoy it daily.


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