Finnish Sauna

Reservation of the treatment is required in advance.

The Finnish sauna is a small room or hut heated up to 80°-85°C. It is used for bathing as well as for mental and physical relaxation. It is actually a very pleasant experience and all you need is a towel and at least 15 min of your time. It is important to listen to your body; after you have showered, enter the sauna, wait and see how your body will react to the heat. When you’ve had enough, take a refreshing shower and cool off fora while and repeat the procedure, which is absolutely safe.

The modern sauna is an integral part of hydrotherapy treatments which stimulate the immune system, improve blood circulation and help the body to release impurities.The sauna is also used in preparation for a massage because it increases the flexibility of the muscles and creates a deep sense of relaxation. Research shows that the steam bath could help cure or control diseases such as acne and arthritis simply by increasing blood circulation. As a carrier of nutrients to all parts of the body, blood, plays a crucial role in maintaining our body healthy. The steam treatments also have a stimulating effect on the cardiovascular system – by increasing the heartbeat rate, without raising the blood pressure, large quantities of nutrients are brought to our skin, which remains healthy.

Health benefits from sauna session:

  • helps to relax while simultaneously eliminating fatigue and muscle pain
  • improves blood circulation
  • cleanses the skin
  • relieves stress and tension
  • helps to release the toxins from our system
  • boosts immune system
  • helps to sleep better

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