Exfoliation with Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid is a natural product which is obtained from sugar cane. It belongs to a group of alpha-hydroxy acids and easily penetrates the surface layer of the epidermis. It is used in dermatology and cosmetics as a chemical peel.

In order to renew skin, chemical peeling removes layers of skin along with the irregularities that occur on it. Glycolic acid will remove the top layer of skin and stimulate subcutaneous tissue, simultaneously helping skin to regenerate.


Exfoliation with glycolic acid is a simple and extremely effective treatment for every skin type, from adolescent to mature skin. It is used to treat acne-prone skin, reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands, smooth shallow scars, spots and to remove keratosis.


Glycolic acid treatment is also very effective anti-aging treatment, used for smoothing fine wrinkles, hydration of skin and restoration of its shine.