Cupping therapy

What is cupping?
Ancient Chinese method that removes muscle pain. Our body consists of ‘meridians’ or body paths through which our life energy flows. This treatment is liked by those who require fast and long lasting effect. Our clients like to combine it with anti-cellulite massage techniques.

What does treatment consist of?
Cupping cups are put on a body, but also face as excellent support to anti-aging treatments. The air has been sucked out of cups, vacuum is created that helps to lift soft subcutaneous tissue. The effect is instant. Tissue is supplied with blood and excellent circulation of treated area is gained. Massage follows after cupping. As tissue is heated up and good circulation has been achieved, massage is much deeper and by it, effects of overall treatment.


Cupping’s benefits

  • removes muscle pain
  • removes toxins from the organism
  • excellent circulation
  • stimulates periphery and nervous system
  • cleanses and activates blood vessels, arteries and capillaries
  • smooth stretch marks and scars

Cupping treatment is simple, efficient and pain free but most important it provides amazing results.

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