Cotton Softness

Sensitive and reactive skin needs to be calmed but also to strengthen their cells in order to reduce sensitivity with aim to prevent cells from fast decadence and aging. Cotton Softness treatment, as the whole line of products, is rich with rose water that shall hydrate even the most delicate type of skin while cotton has the role to ease any reaction and act anti-inflammatory. Bisabolol, a type of aloe vera, gain and treated by biotechnology will take care that skin becomes and stays soft and smooth.


You can experience treatment in combination with revolutionary Carita Cinetic device where we use even 3 applications such as ultrasound facial cleansing with Skin Refiner, galvanic electricity massage and Metallic Gloves alongside with L.E.D. light for maximum absorption of serum in order to achieve wonderful healthy skin glow.

MYTHIC type of treatment lasts 60 minutes, while CINETIC lasts 90 minutes.