Best solutions for nurture of oily skin

Oily skin is easily recognisable but difficult to nurture. Enlarged pores, sebum that is impossible to mat, odd pustule here and there and that uncomfortable feeling when we know that our face is oily. Those are only some of the problems as oily skin is more or less prone to infections and dehydration.

“Most common problems that oily skin faces are definitely enlarged pores and intensified activities of sebaceous glands. Therefore we often categorise oily skin as unclean and prone to inflammatory processes that affects men more often and women less often“, revealed to us Jasminka Herceg from Bliss adding that the main characteristic of oily skin its thickness.


She also highlights that every fifth person believes to have oily skin only because its skin gets oily, but it does not have to be necessarily true. Layer that we notice on our skin during the day is not always a sign of oily skin but skin that needs hydration. If you do notice an oily layer at the end of a working day, please take into consideration that it may be an effect of inappropriate makeup, too much foundation, poor air in the room, humidity etc.

Often prejudice is that oily skin type does not need hydration but Jasminka says that this type of skin has equal or greater need for hydrations, just as others. Therefore let’s not confuse sebum with hydration.


“Importance of hydration does not need to be in question. Daily care of oily skin can and should be based on lotions, not on facial cream, that have antibacterial effect and consist of salicylic and/or lactic acid that shall regulate sebum secretion and tighten enlarged pores while night care can be in a form of stronger moisturiser. Serum is also good as it will enhance moisturiser’s effect. An obligatory routine would be a peeling every 3-4 days“, says Jasminka.


MMany women do not know the care routine of oily skin and tend to gather mat products that often make skin dry. Result is skin dehydration that eradiate even more sebum. Matting with all available products is not necessary and it is better to use daily fluid and cleansing products.

“Only makeup removal or facial cleansing should be based on alcohol or mat. Either cleanser or tonic, never both. If we use products that are too strong our skin will get more oily”, emphasise Jasminka. Good aid in care of oily skin is a special mask that are used once a week as they will perform a detox, remove blackheads and reduce pores.

If your skin type is oily with acnes and other inflammatory processes, Jasminka says to put a cold coating made by green tea every few days and to change your pillow case more often. Pillow cases can be a nest of bacteria if not changed regularly. Sebum, oils from hair, makeup cosmetic remains and impurity are collected on textile and transferred to face that additionally clog pores. It would be good to disinfect your mobile phone regularly as well as telephone receiver and not to touch face with hands.


“I would recommend mat facial cream or lotion for oily skin, as makeup base together with medicinal (antiseptic) concealer. Heavy foundation should be avoided. Because it is very important for oily skin to „breath“ it is more appropriate to put quality mineral foundation over concealer, or light foundation that should be put on by sponge or a brush tapping not to be spread around with fingers“, explained our expert.

It is important that sponge and brushes are always clean when used in makeup of oily skin. It is best to wash them once a week in mild soap or shampoo and to be air dry. Special attention is needed for brushes used for applying liquid products such as concealer or foundation brush. If you use sponges it would be ideally to throw them out after each use as they nest bacteria that will additionally irritate the skin so it will cause more problems in your daily routine so your skin would not be nurtured and beautiful.

Although oily skin is sometimes demanding and ungrateful, maybe it can be of comfort an urban legend saying that oily skin gets older slower and is less prone to wrinkles. With right care it is possible to get out best from it only if you know how and do not go overboard with aggressive product that will do more damage than good.