Aroma Express Softness

Short on time? The aim of aroma express softness treatment is to revitalise the skin of your arms, back and face in just 45 minutes. As title describes, in very short time a maximum skin rejuvenation is achieved and after the treatment it will be smooth and tight because we use aromaessential oils by prestigious French house Decleor. Treatment is suitable for all skin types, even the most demanding skin, as Decleor has developer various blands of essential oils and balms such as ylang ylang, oriental rose, iris, rosemary and neroli that we use in Bliss.


Treatment includes arms and back massage as well as facial peeling and mask as it offers unique and sensual awakening with help of aromatherapy whose aim is healthy and rehydrated skin. If you want to restore your skin moisture by natural and efficient way than this treatment is just right for you. It provides shiny glow to your skin while essential oils relax nervous system.

Facial mask will additionaly clean and revitalise your skin while strengtening it and prepare for harmful environmental influences. It is recommended upon return from summer vacation as peeling cleans facial pores from accumulated impurities but also ensures prolonged tan gained during summer months making your skin silky and shiny.

From all above reasons Aroma express softness is considered to be the best gift you can give to yourself or a loved one.

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