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Aleksandra Dojčinović’s favourite rejuvenation treatment

Pain free and complete skin renewal also recognised by Aleksandra Dojčinović

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Zagreb’s Bliss studio for facial and body care is the right place for skin renewal by pain free and efficient mesotherapy method. Bliss has improved this popular method thanks to rich experience with numerous clients who had specific needs. Our most successful designer Aleksandra Dojčinović is a huge admirer of Bliss mesotherapy because of its quality and top devices that will ensure the highest level of efficiency but also because of great expertise and longstanding experience that Jasminka Herceg, Bliss’ owner, has.

Successful designer has a full confidence in Jasminka’s safe and skilled hands. Hence the reason why she regularly visits Bliss where she can maintain her skin beautiful and young. Besides mesotherapy, Aleksandra Dojčinović enjoys more than 100 various professional treatments in the service of beauty and skin health that Bliss has to offer. One of those is very private and superbly decorated SPA zone situated in the city centre that is deservingly imposes itself as the right place for not just skin renewal but whole body and spirit as well.

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Bliss’s mesotherapy guarantees efficiency thanks to German device of top quality that allows input of specialised cocktails by disposable 18 needle modules ensuring excellent access to the most sensitive facial parts such as area around eyes, mouth and neck. Also, Bliss uses new Amiea Vytal Microlifting concept with high quality active ingredients. During skin preparation, before the treatment, GlycoPeel 10% preparation is used in order to remove outer skin layer followed by GlycoStop preparation for fast skin calming and return of normal PH value. Having in mind client’s needs and skin type, second phase of treatment uses one of three cocktails – ReFresh, ReFine or RePair. Those strong preparations include over 20 active ingredients, hydrate and nurture the skin, bring back elastin and boost collagen creation. They also provide necessary level of care and skin renewal. Treatment ends by Amiea’s rich moisturise Vytal PerfectFinish that stimulates synthesis of collagen and tissue blood supply, protects from exterior influences and ensures smooth natural looking skin. Besides new cocktails, in Bliss you can also find products for use at home – Hya4Booster with high concentration of hyaluronic acid as well as Perfect Finish, rich moisturiser with UV protection.

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Pain free and fast path to total skin renewal is mesotherapy method that are used and recommended by many. Specialty of this method is that is very localised and practical while based on injection of active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, Q10, collagen, antioxidants and natural extracts (cocktails) into skin’s middle layer where metabolic processes of skin cells are placed. After mesoderm gets high quantity of active ingredients, tissue blood supply gets much better and fast cell division starts together with creation of binding cells merited for collagen creation meaning that skin day after day looks better and younger. If you are looking for the absolute best effect it is recommended to do set of six treatments every 3 to 4 weeks followed by one treatment over 3 months, depending on skin condition. Everyone can be exposed to mesotherapy but those with autoimmune illness, active herpes or other skin infectious diseases, pregnant ladies, women who are breastfeeding or a person with severe inflammation process.

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