Aesthetic pedicure


Warmer weather requires change of footwear. We leave behind boots and shoes and reach for sandals that demand beautiful and cared feet together with polished nails. During colder days, our feet gather thickened and cracked skin, blisters and blistering that are advisable to remove so our feet can have polished and cared for look.

Our feet are sophisticated set of 28 bones within 35 joints connected with more than 100 ligaments. In order for that set to function properly, it is necessary to take care of it. Besides aesthetic reasons pedicure helps us in proper posture that, in return, allow us more comfortable standing and walking.

Aesthetic pedicure is also known as ‘foot beauty treatment’. Besides shaping and taking care of toe nails, this pedicure includes oils and creams for calming and soothing effect of your feet.

What to expect of pedicure?
Treatment starts with relaxing and very soothing scented bath whose aim is to relax and soften skin on our heels. After scented bath’s job is done, therapist removes thickened and cracked skin. Dehydrated skin can influence cracked skin on our heels that is easily and successfully resolved with pedicure. Special attention is dedicated to space between toes, while nails are shortened and formed.

It is followed by foot peeling that shall make your skin soft and supple. Pedicure ends with foot massage that shall improve your circulation and remove stress effects.

Researches have proven that with time, on nerves ends on our feet, salt calcium are gathered together with crystallised urine acid that enables normal stimulation of glands and organs. Foot massage has positive effects on all of your organs as each of them has it’s ‘spot’ on your feet. Sense of comfort and relaxation, reached by touching those spots sends feeling of sensation through the whole body bringing benefits to all organs.

Here in Bliss we have thought about all foot care aspects so to our clients we offer combination of various treatments with aim to reach maximum aesthetic effect. Therefore, different kinds of pedicure are combined with nail gels providing you with the whole and rounded service, at one place, that will not take too much of your time but whose effect and duration is long lasting. We use alessandro nail polishes and gels whose quality has been proven and tested so many times.