100% Renovateur

Most probably the most famous professional peeling in the world and one of iconic Carita’s products. It is made in 1956 and till today it’s composition and texture remain unchanged. The fact that it is the only professional Carita peeling says volumes about how perfect this product is. That’ why it is integral part of every Carita ritual.

It is suitable both for face and body and since 2015 it can be performed as an individual treatment. If you decide to indulge yourself this treatment shall last 60 minutes while one for both face and body lasts 90 minutes.

Although its complete composition is one of the best saved beauty secrets, what makes it unique is that it’s based on demineralised water and roasted sunflower seeds. Special note, extraordinary strength and impressive scent are provided by clove, lemon and thyme essential oils. This sensational product combined with manual lymph drainage is most certainly one of the best body treatments that you shall ever experience.
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